Welcome to amonsterchild!

I am a Visual & UX designer, currently at VMware. View some of my design samples below and please reach out for case study reviews.

Illustration Framework | VMware
The VMware End-User Computing group has various products with differing experiences that span both web and app interfaces. These products each utilize in-product illustrations in distinctly different ways. Our product strategy is focused on creating a consistent and streamlined experience for users across all products through the use of a UI library. In order to fully address consistency, illustration style should also be considered from a system level. I began the effort to consolidate the various illustration styles and craft guidelines for all design team members to consume in order to provide consistent illustrations across the VMware EUC products.
Product Vision | VMware
This effort focused on defining the next-generation iteration of the VMware Workspace ONE platform. Streamlining the experience, simplifying workflows, and incorporating in-depth analytics were among the core concepts tackled. The product Vision serves as a guidepost for how the product can evolve become a more adaptable system.
Profile Resources | VMware
The goal of this project was to simplify the deployment and maintenance of settings which are common across multiple device platforms, instead of having to deploy them separately. It was undertaken as part of a proof of concept to see how we might restructure the product's system to make it more adaptable.
Framework Enhancements | VMware
VMware develops and maintains its own open source design framework called Clarity. The End User Computing group began an effort to adopt this UI framework across various products. I am leading the effort to implement the Clarity framework for the EUC Unified Endpoint Management platform. As part of this effort I have proposed a series of enhancements to existing components in the framework as well as filling gaps where the framework does not fulfill our use-cases.
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