Welcome to amonsterchild!

I am a Visual & UX designer, currently at VMware. View some of my design samples below, but please reach out for case study reviews.

Profile Resources | VMware
The goal of this project was to simplify the deployment and maintenance of settings which are common across multiple device platforms, instead of having to deploy them separately. It was undertaken as part of a proof of concept to see how we might restructure the product's system to make it more adaptable.
Wizard Component Enhancements | VMware
The goal of this project was to assess the current wizard design in the Clarity design framework and how it fulfilled the use-cases in the End User Computing group. Changes to the Wizard component to improve modal hierarchy, actionable footer area, and collapse/expand functionality were reviewed with the Clarity framework team and contributed into the framework.
Password Masking | VMware
The goal of this project was to create a standardized pattern for masking password input fields across the VMware AirWatch console. This pattern needed to account for various use-cases users encountered and include documentation for the pattern to be included in the console UI framework.
Biz Card Series
A series of illustrations created to embody my design approach and convey the concept of 'play' I feel is central to the design process. Each piece in the series focuses on a playful aspect that I try to keep in mind when crafting design solutions. These illustrations are used on my personal business cards and not only channel my design ability and illustration style, but each one captures a concise frame seemingly taken from a larger story. This shows how small illustrated scenes can capture a glimpse of how storytelling is interwoven with design.
Awkward Monsters | iOS Sticker Pack
iOS sticker pack that captures some of the various monsters I often find myself drawing. These monsters are some the denizens of the Monster Forest, a fictional place where the manifestations of creative play can run wild. Most of the monsters I create have an inherent awkwardness to them therefore I dubbed this series Awkward Monsters. So let these adorably awkward monsters enhance your iMessage conversations! This sticker pack is available on the Apple App Store.
Be A Peach | iOS Sticker Pack
iOS sticker pack created to imbue iMessages with some southern charm. This series is inspired from my experience growing up in the south and the unique sayings I heard throughout my childhood. This sticker pack is available on the Apple App Store.
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