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What is a monsterchild?
Monsterchild is the personification of my inner creative entity and is used to explore my personal interests in design, art, world building, and narrative. It stems from the idea of how pedagogy in education can seem to be its own entity and how we must contend with these manifestations of practical theory in our lives. In a way the stifling of creative mindsets in education is its own “monster” pedagogy, an invisible one that we do not see until adulthood and some of us are able to tap back into that creative mindset. This is the root idea of Monsterchild for it is an empowering reaction to the stifling of my own creativity through monster pedagogies. I encourage everyone to tap into their inner creativity monster and set it free, you might be surprised by what comes of it.
"I am a compulsive creative driven by my unyielding curiosity and urge to understand things as well as the curse, or gift, of an overactive imagination. For as long as I can remember I have always created worlds in my head, I have taken to describing my mind as a series of big bangs each giving rise to their own cosmos and each cosmos vying to exist."
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